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Booze Broad Podcast

Oct 11, 2019

Keynote Speakers:

(in order of appearance)

Tony Abou-Ganim - THE Modern Mixologist | @mdrnmixologist | Modern Mixologist Website | email:

Emily Yett - Beverage Services Specialist at MarkeTeam Inc. | @emily_yett

Anthony Pullen - Trade Marketing Director at Q Mixers | @anthonypullen || References: | Article - 1% Marginal Gains | 

Raul Faria - USBGLV President, Absolut Brand Ambassador | References: Raul's Blog | Distilled Spirits Council of US 

Brian Van Flandern - Executive Director of Mixology, Spirit Education, and Special Events at Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits of Nevada | SGWS Events | Creative Cocktail Consultants

Damian Cross - Director of Beverage Innovation at RSI / Independent Consultant |