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Booze Broad Podcast

May 23, 2020

A late-night podcast with Bartender Atlas creators Josh Lindley and Jessica Blaine Smith from the 2019 Halifax Tour. I was incredibly fortunate to be their guest on the Halifax Tour (shout out to Beam Suntory Canada for making it possible). As the tour was coming to a close we all sat down over some adult beverages to recap the week. 

If you're a bartender, go to and join the worldwide community. 

Episode Timestamps:

03:10 What is bartender atlas?

09:14 Control Province

15:20 Putin on the corner

15:43 Compass Distillery (Ezra, you're killing it)

26:38 Highwayman 

28:15 Halifax Bar School & Comp Class

32:55 Getting the Shakes while competing

35:40 Josh & Jess’ favorite part of the week

47:54 TOCC

49:47 Not everybody knows everything

55:40 Halifax Harbor Hopper Tour